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Vernon resident who has played a lot of ball, written about others playing a lot of ball and loves to wax eloquently about Mt. We are fortunate to have access to many of his short stories and observations to show here.

We have organized the articles by the period of time Ray is referencing.

Anyway, through all our meeting, phone calls and his visits to my house we discussed Mt. Opened in December of 1972 with a crew of supervisors making sure good product could be made.

In January of 1973 a day shift crew was hired with the first hourly clock number given to Vernon Marvel in maintenance.

The church was first organized by Richard Allen on West Ninth Street on the property of Lloyd Cooper after a conflict with the all white Methodist Church erupted.

The Church moved to Third and Mill Street in 1890 and dedicated in 1891. were 28 members in 1980, but now stands in disrepair.

She has a great natural voice that can fill a small auditorium without the need of a microphone. At one time she was romantically involved with Bob and introduced him to the folk scene at the Newport Festival.

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Vernon High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee in the mid to late eighties. Prior to this the most often used nickname was the Mountaineers. He thought no one was thinking big enough or far enough to solve some of our problems.

The letter that was forwarded to her she got, and she autographed two anti-war leaflets I had saved for over a decade.