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Words enclosed in double quotes ("like this") appear together in all returned documents.Phrase searches using quotation marks are useful when searching for famous sayings or specific names. Phrase connectors work like quotes because they join your search words in the same way double quotes join your search words.These terms rarely help to narrow a search and can significantly slow searching.If you want to use stop words in your search, use the " " sign or enclose your phrase containing stop words in quotation marks.For example, to search for either London or Colindale, enter: Every search result lists one or more excerpts from the web page to display how your search terms are used in context on that page.

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Note: Currently, the spell checker supports only US English.Make sure that you include a space before the " " sign.For example, to search for Charles I: You can also include the " " sign in phrase searches.To provide the most accurate results, the search engine does not use "stemming" or support "wildcard" searches.

Rather, the search engine searches for exactly the words that you enter into the search box.The query returns documents that mention the word "library" in their HTML title, and mention the word "search" anywhere in the document either in the title or anywhere else in the document.