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I am 69 young & know when something is following through the CRACKS…. Reply Recently went to Flying J in Ruther Glen, Va.location # 876, Clerk 99, her name I believe is Angie. This Cashier was very rude & had very poor customer service with my wife also making comments that she don’t do nothing but run the register, we will not be stopping at this location again.I boycott these big corporations now and spend my money at the smaller, cheaper stations.I know the big corps won’t miss my 0 a day but least I feel better knowing I’m not handing it over to crooks.I go and get gas after leaving work with my debit card that I have as prepaid and not tell them I want it run as debit they run it as credit was not the the workers fault she claims that the register ran it like that automatically.

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Paper ran out.fill someone go right then & correct.problem doesn’t go on & on ..doesn’t work so why isn’t is there a work order w/ manager needs fixing?I usually pump 40 or more gallons everyday but can’t even get a single point towards a shower. If you call their customer service and ask if you can get more points they will tell you no your company has to make a deal with them.And if you only buy 999 gallons in a month and are a loyal customer you will lose your shower power unlike loves who if you are a loyal regular customer will just give it to you along with your 5 points per gallon for being a loyal customer.I think it is such a shame that these Giant fuel corporations hike prices up so much more simply because its difficult for tractors to get into other places so don’t really have a choice.

Diesel used to be the cheapest fuel out there now it’s the highest for whatever reason.

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